New Logo of John Holland Launched on the 3rd Anniversary for Acquisition

On May 21, John Holland Group, with the advent of the 3rd Anniversary for Acquisition, grandly held the new logo release ceremony in Sydney, and the new logo promotion and popularization series activities were held at its branches all over Australia. Senior executives of the CCCC BOD Office and management team of CCCI attended the ceremony.

It has been three years ever since Australia-based John Holland was acquired on April 20, 2015. Over the three years, John Holland (or the Company), guided by the overall strategy “Developing CCCC in five business fields” and “Give priority to development of overseas business”, has formulated its five-year development plan, and kept on optimizing allocation of resources, improving functional positioning, and seeking new growth points through a series of progressive business restructuring and structural adjustment. In 2017, Company’s new contract value exceeded AUD 10 billion for the first time. While strongly developing its business, John Holland also set great store by improvement of corporate culture. In light of its long-term development vision, the Company, on the basis of all-around evaluation to its original brand value, fully kicked off the “Brand Upgrading” program. By devising a new logo, the Company bestowed John Holland with more advanced brand connotation, so as to stimulate the Company’s ever-growing endogenous power.

“Brand Upgrading” plan lasted for nearly one year from formulation to implementation. With the help of professional brand counseling company, John Holland carried out full preliminary investigation and internal & external demonstration, including review of the company history, analysis of the corporate strategy, one-to-one interview with senior executives, survey of employees, survey of customers, and benchmarking with archrivals, etc. Particularly during the process of soliciting opinions from employees, the Company convened a number of small symposiums, and organized the questionnaire survey (including the survey of project companies), so as to ensure full coverage to employees and authenticity of the feedbacks.

While cultivating the new brand, John Holland further learned and understood CCCC’s cultural philosophies (including corporate mission, corporate vision, core value, and corporate spirit), as well as integrated these philosophies with new brand connotation, in a bid to ensure consistency of John Holland and CCCC’s cultural philosophy.

The new logo looks more succinct, clear-cut, and modernized. In addition, letters on the new logo constitute a “human” shape, which highlights John Holland’s core ideology in the new development phase. Herein, the core ideology is “people-oriented”, of which, the people denotes the human society, corporate employees, clients, and copartners. The new brand value mainly covers four aspects: first, Caring, namely, integrity, authentic, safe, collaborative and customer-focused; second, Empowering, namely, proactive, persistent, disciplined, dependable and accountable; third, Imaginative, namely, smart, innovative, creative and considered; fourth, Future-focused, namely, agile, diverse, visionary, and sustainable. In a sense, the new brand connotation is deeply embedded with the love to life and the anticipation to the world changes. That is right in line with CCCC’s corporate vision “Make the world more accessible, make the city more livable, and make life more beautiful”, and the human element (Committed to satisfying you!) in CCCC’s corporate service philosophy.

At the release ceremony, Lu Jianzhong, general manager of CCCC International, delivered a speech of congratulation to John Holland on behalf of CCCC senior management, giving recognition to achievements made by John Holland and looking forward to future development of John Holland. Also, Lu Jianzhong made a keynote speech titled “Five-year Development of CCCC”, which made all John Holland employees have more knowledge about CCCC’s position in the industry and rapid development, and redoubled employees’ faith in the Company. Most feedbacks from the management and employees were quite positive, and according to the feedbacks, continuous improvement of John Holland’s corporate culture after the acquisition brought employees great sense of happiness.

As from May 21, the new logo will be adopted in John Holland and all of its businesses, which will become an important milestone for sustainable development John Holland after its merger into CCCC.