Chen Fenjian visits John Holland

From September 6 to 8, CCCC President Chen Fenjian visits John Holland Group Pty Ltd (John Holland) in Sydney and Melbourne. In Sydney, Chen Fenjian listened to the work report and future’s strategic planning made by the senior management team of the company, and made important instructions on future work of John Holland; in Melbourne, he listened to reports on the operation of Melbourne Metro and related operation and maintenance technologies.

During his visit, Chen Fenjian listened to reports of the senior management team of John Holland in terms of company profile, future strategy, corporate governance, financial situation and cooperation with CCCC. He pointed out that, over the past year, John Holland has developed steadily, and achieved effective management, which indicates a bright prospect. The senior management team has made significant contributions. Aiming at the future strategy, Chen Fenjian required that, in addition to enhancing its own capability, John Holland should also give full play to its advantages to help CCCC and become an important platform of CCCC in the southern Pacific Ocean region. John Holland should combine its advantages with CCCC’s mature overseas networks to strengthen integration and complementation in terms of market, manpower, management and resources. John Holland should reinforce its strategic collaboration with CCCC and create value through innovation, sharing and other concepts. John Holland should also strengthen corporate governance and risk management and control by virtue of CCCC’s mature business model in terms of investment and PPP, becoming a close partner of the local government.

John Holland CEO Glenn Palin detailed achievements of the company in real estate development and investment. He said that since joining CCCC last year, John Holland has been actively exploring ways of cooperation with subsidiaries of CCCC, giving full play to its competitiveness in railway operations and maintenance, water service, high pressure water power transformation, large-scale buildings, etc., complementing each other’s advantages with other sections of the company to achieve synergistic effect.

In Melbourne, Chen Fenjian visited MTM and listened to briefing on project operation and management. MTM, a metro operating company in which John Holland has shareholdings, is responsible for metro operations and maintenance in Melbourne. The head of MTM introduced the operating company’s management system, business model, as well as efforts made to ensure train delivery, punctuality rate and improve customer satisfaction. Chen Fenjian spoke highly of the sincere cooperation among MTM partners and management performance achieved by MTM through comprehensive application of KPI management system. He said that the achievements of MTM in fine management should be referred by CCCC’s subsidiaries.

In John Holland Melbourne head office, Chen Fenjian listened to reports on application of BIM on project design and construction management, achievements in financial management and information construction, and progress of Australian high-speed rail. He stressed that talents exchange program should be established for subsidiaries of CCCC and John Holland in order to learn from each other and achieve common progress in technology, management and other aspects.