CCCC Senior VP Sun Ziyu visits CCCI and speaks highly of JH achievement and its work plan

On August 24, CCCC Senior Vice President paid a visit to CCCI Beijing office and spent a whole morning listening to JH’s work report presented by Joe Barr, the CEO of JH. Chairman Liu Wensheng, President Lu Jianzhong, Mr. Glenn Palin (former JH CEO) and other CCCI/JH representatives from HK, Beijing and Australia also attended the meeting via video conference.
During the 60-page presentation, Mr. Barr demonstrated JH’s progressive growth target through a staging roadmap from 2017 to 2021, and elaborated on their strategic approach based on deep market analysis and breakdown of business sectors analysis. Supported by strong fundamentals and competitive differentiators, vehicles like JV, ETI, D&I and M&A will be in the place all to bring the strategy on the way. Mr. Barr also highlighted that the People, Brand, Business optimization, Innovation are key elements to engage, deliver and sustain their business growth. 
In the first half of 2017, JH has registered a more than 80% year-on-year growth with a total contract value of 3.4billion AUD. The winning of most of mega projects that JH has prepared long to pursue has proved JH is gaining increasing market recognition and is fruitful at current stage in business expansion and its upgrading chain.

Following the appreciation on behalf of CCCC for JH management’s great efforts and achievements, Mr. Sun Ziyu delivered his understanding of JH’s success as Belief, Creation and Contribution. He spoke highly of JH corporate strategy which is comprehensive, down to earth and well forward looking, and could set a good sample to brother companies.

He also informed about on-going CCCC’s restructuring dynamics, in particular, being granted as the pilot company for state-owned Capital Investment Company, which will source more supports from government, and next step, a master plan to restructuring CCCG by various assets re-allocations. All these changes will ultimately lead to a new era of growth of CCCC/CCCG and both CCCI and JH should be well prepared to fit into and also benefit from the progress. Mr. Sun expressively showed his confidence in JH’s future development and asked JH to seek support from CCCI or CCCC in a proactive manner.

Our Chairman Liu Wensheng also summarized JH’s performance as “in line with the expectation” in terms of market share expansion, smooth organizational restructuring and key personnel appointments, effective communication and good strategic planning, all of which resulted from CCCC’s clear guidance, professional CCCI support and the excellence of JH management team, and that will jointly draw up a foreseeable future growth. He also pointed out that as a holding company, CCCI’s competence lies in its unparalleled capability and experiences in M&A and cross-border management of companies being acquired. 

The meeting went quite well with strong commitments from all sides to work together to deliver a better and sustainable John Holland.