CCCC-John Holland BIM Talent Exchange Program First Session Conclusion Meeting and Second Session Commencement held in Beijing

On October 8, the BIM Talent Exchange Program co-organized by CCCC and John Holland was concluded in its first session (Australia Session) and kicked off for the second phase (China Session). The leadership and specialist from different CCCC companies have made the presence in the meeting, including Mr. Liu Boying, Director General of CCCC Science and Technology Department (S&T Department); Mr. Lu Jianzhong, President of CCCI; Mr. Song Hui, Vice President of HPDI; Mr. Feng Pengcheng, Vice President of CCCC Second Highway Consulting Company and Mr. Lindsay Albanico, Executive General Manager of John Holland ETI.

Initiated on July 9, it is John Holland’s first joint training program conducted in partnership with CCCC since being acquired in 2015. It consists of two sessions to be held in Australia and China respectively for a total of 23 weeks. In the first session, three specialists from HPDI and CCCC Second Highway Consulting Company had been expatriated to John Holland, working and researching with John Holland team at both corporate and project levels for 12 weeks. During the counterpart session in China, comparable patterns will be hosted and three specialists from John Holland will be working at different CCCC teams and projects in China.

The meeting discussed the achievements of the Australia Session and the plan for the next phase. Mr. Lu Jianzhong, President of CCCI, commented that John Holland has successfully realized the smooth transition following the acquisition and witnessed the rapid business growth under the new strategy. It has been one of the core tasks to facilitate the synergy with CCCC companies ever since the transaction. The program proves to be a good pilot effort for both sides and achieves sound outcome so far. He encourages the team to further the exchange between CCCC and John Holland in more areas while being remained focused on the practical matters relevant to the core business.

Mr. Liu Boying speaks highly of the achievements brought by the program and hopes to see the program of the type being maintained at a regular frequency on different streams, to which S&T Department will provide the full support. He also proposes that S&T Department and CCCI may consider co-leading the facilitation for the joint R&D program of John Holland and other CCCC companies.