Acquisition of F&G


We acquired 100% of F&G shares in the year of 2010, and this set a good start for CCCC on cross-border M&A ever since. F&G is based in Houston,USA, and it is a world-leading designer for offshore drilling rigs, among which the jack-ups and semisubmersibles are their best known products. After acquisition, F&G has reached its historical high business growth and has created good returns for its shareholder.

Building upon innovative spirit and experience, F&G has maintained its place as an engineering leader throughout Oil's dynamic evolution. Each new generation of Friede & Goldman Ltd.’s drilling units was designed based upon the lessons learned from the operation of earlier units.

The small cooperation that began 68 years ago between Vladimir M. Friede and Jerome L. Goldman is, today, a thriving company. of over 50 employees. More than 166 mobile offshore drilling and production units have been built according to F&G designs for operation around the world. Currently, there are 31 units under construction in shipyards that span the globe, from Singapore, India & China in the East, to Mexico and throughout the Middle East. The long and productive lives of these structures bear witness to F&G's commitment to quality.