Financing for Cross border M&A

M&A Bridge Loans

  • On April 2015, it obtained one-year term of US $ 1.1 billion from the Hong Kong market to mergers the bridge syndicated loans.
  • It was financial support by Bank of China, ANZ, HSBC and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi.


US $1.1 billion perpetual bonds

  • On April 2015, it issued US $1.1 billion senior perpetual bonds which as non-redeemable within 5 years to replace and merge the bridge loans.
  • The Swiss Bank, HSBC and Morgan Stanley Bank were its global coordinators and lead underwriters.
  • It was the perpetual bonds with the largest scale and lowest interest rate in the Asian market for the first time.


Syndicated credit guarantee

  • On April 2015, it obtained A$ 1 billion of syndicated credit guarantee from the Australian market to provide guaranteed support to John Holland.
  • The ANZ and HSBC were the join banks for the arrangement and there were 12 banks and insurance companies involved. It was a rare bank consortium which was established by the Chinese enterprises and covered Australian banks and insurance companies on the Australia’s market.
  • It became a landmark trade on the Australia and the Asia-Pacific bank consortium market due to its huge transaction volume, complex transaction structure, high efficiency of execution and competitive market costs.